‘Mukimo’ is a dish that is popular with many Kenyans. ‘Mukimo’ is a word that is derived from the Kikuyu language and it implies ‘to mash’. The food is prepared by mashing potatoes mixed with green maize, green peas and pumpkin leaves.

‘Mukimo’ is one of the foods that are prepared during traditional Kenyan parties, often, in one of those large aluminum pots that you can easily boil an elephant in. It is especially tedious to prepare the dish since you have to ensure that each of the many pieces of potato is completely pulverized and blended with the rest of the ingredients into a medium heavy cake.

‘Mukimo’ gets its greenish tinge from the vegetables. It sticks to the spoon, and has the consistency similar to that of peanut butter. However, in the mouth, that smoothness is regularly interrupted by the pieces of green maize that are embedded in the cake.

To make ‘mukimo’, you would need to boil peeled potatoes, green maize, some green peas and pumpkin leaves until they are soft. Next, drain the water from the pot and then mash the mixture with a huge ladle. This exercise might take up to one and a half hours. You would occasionally have to add hot water in order to control the consistency of the food. Take care to ensure that the salt is evenly distributed within the whole dish.

The only style of serving ‘mukimo’ at a party is by making a high mountain in a wide plate accompanied by meat stew swamped in plenty of gravy.